What Wine Should I Order On A “Girl’s Night Out”?

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Ordering wine when out with the girls has often been challenging for me.  The gals always agree that a white wine would be nice but beyond that we can’t decide…Pinot Grigio , Chardonnay, Riesling or sparkling? A night out with the girls is one time that I  drink a wine that is a little more fruit forward than the wines I enjoy with my husband because he likes heavier big bold reds.

Vinho Verde wine is the answer for me and my friends.  These wines are among my favorite summer wines because they have a light effervescence.  The Vinho Verde wines that I am describing here are  fruit forward bright wines that may be perceived as “a bit sweet” by those who enjoy a very dry wine. From Portugal these wines are drunk very young, known as “green wines” and they have a lower alcohol content for easy sippin’.  The region where these grapes are grown is along the Atlantic Coast of Spain known as the “Costa Verde or “Green Coast”.  A refreshing note about these wines…vinho verde wines are often not expensive ($9 -$12 range – restaurant prices will be a bit higher).

Most of the best wines are made from Alvarinho, the same as Spain’s Albariño. However, there are many other indigenous grapes that are also used, including Loueiro, Trajadura, Azal and Pederna.

vinho verde gato

I love this bottle of Vinho Verde because of the cat (gatão is the Spanish word for cat).  A blend of trajadura, loureiro, azal tinto and avesso grapes

To my palate this wine is fruit forward and teetering on a tad of sweetness, but does not go over the sweetness curve too far, otherwise I would not have enjoyed it.  Citrus notes with a touch of pineapple and a nice little bit of effervescence.

vinho verde wine

Conde Villar Vinho Verde is also a nice choice. A touch of lemon and apple notes along with the fun light effervescence.  Round and soft with some acidity.

Another delightful surprise about Vinho Verde is that this wine is also available in a rosé.

Rose vino vherderose vino vherde 2

Ela Vinho Verde Rosé ~ Bright berry notes.  Fruity yet dry. Refreshing! Beautiful fuchsia color in the glass.

Click below to read an enlightening article in the New York Times by Eric Asimov on the unfortunate marketing of rosé wine as a “summer accessory.”

Another idea to try on a girl’s night out is a “flight” of wine. That way we all get to try a little taste of delicious wine and maybe find a new favorite. That’s how I discovered Vinho Verde wine!

Speaking of girlfriends, I have some very special ones. One of my bubbly friends gave me this beautiful glass butterfly plate…I can’t wait to serve hors d’oeuvres to my guests on it. She brought this to me from Nashville.  Thank you bubbly friend!

butterfly plate 2


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