For Ice Cream Lovers ~ Rolled Ice Cream!


I recently visited Champloo Desserts, locally owned in Salem, Virginia. This little shop located across the street from two of my other favorite stores:  R.M. Johnson and Sons Jewelers and The Bird Cage on South College Street, offers the most unusual ice cream. Here’s the 411:


The Champloo signature dessert ~ Rolled Ice Cream starts out its little ice creamy life as ingredients that are chopped on a frozen stainless steel surface.  Rich creamy milk is poured over the chopped ingredients and immediately starts to freeze. The mixture pictured above is chocolate  peppermint patties with whole milk.


 After the mixture is whirled around a bit to combine the ingredients it is scraped into a flat slab.


Then the ice cream is rolled…and each roll is placed standing up in an ice cream dish…then covered with yummy toppings.


Pictured above: Mount Everest Rolled Ice Cream ~ chocolate mint ice cream topped with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and pecans.


Pictured above:  Peach Crumble Ice Cream ~ peaches chopped into ice cream with graham crackers, whipped cream and a peachy sauce drizzled over…

These treats cost $4.95 for a bowl, but definitely worth every penny.  I bought two for a birthday gift for a friend and when I called him the next to see if he liked the ice cream and he said “It’s Gone!” which meant he loved it!



  1. Rosalee Kaplan says:

    As a Roanoke College “student” I know exactly where that is and Andy forwarded me an article about it. After reading your thoughts, we will for sure try it out. Maybe when the kids are all in. Thanks Becky for keeping us up on the latest😊


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