Soleil Mimosa ~ Sunshine In A Bottle


Soleil Mimosa Classic

“Soleil,” translates in French to “sun”. Soleil Mimosa is a  blend of freshly squeezed orange juice  and white wine topped off with a little effervescence. If you enjoy sangria type beverages or sweeter wines you may enjoy this “Mimosa”.  It reminded me of orangeade from my childhood with a little kick from the 8% alcohol. $10 price point. (Don’t forget to turn the bottle 5 times before opening it to make sure the orange juice and wine are completely mixed, but don’t shake because the contents will bubble over if you shake it before opening.) There are times when this beverage makes perfect sense…on a picnic at the lake or hiking in the mountains when it’s convenient to have your beverage already mixed instead of having to carry multiple bottles.

Since I like my beverages a bit on the dry side,  I prefer to purchase a less expensive sparkling wine such as Jaume Serra Cristalino Brut Cava  and mix it with fresh orange juice rather than purchase a pre-mixed beverage, but the Soleil Mimosa was fun to taste.



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