Champagne Season!

Thank you LILLIAN LIM, Curious Wine Drinker, for this lovely champagne review, just in time for the holidays. Readers, please click on “champagne reviews” in this blog and you will find a wealth of information about bubbly for the holidays. Cheers!


It’s the season!  With the holidays approaching this is when all eyes are on Champagne.

Are you looking to find a favorite Champagne?  Do you already have a favorite, but maybe want to try something else?  Wondering what would be a good Champagne to give as a gift or to pop open for New Year’s Eve?

Well, the best thing to do is to taste!  It’s always good to figure out and know what style you like.  For example, I love bubbly in general and would never say no if someone offered me a glass of bubbly, but I do have my preferences. When I’m getting a bottle for myself, I gravitate to what I like, as we all do.  With that in mind, I’ve created a listing of Champagne reviews to use as a reference.  It contains a list of:

  • Top Sellers in the Market – Champagnes that are easy to…

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