Results of The First JamesTheWineGuy Sparkling Wine Survey – James Melendez

Encouraging results from James the Wine Guy Sparkling Wine Survey…we are drinking more bubbles these days instead of waiting for a celebration to pop the cork. Cheers!

James the Wine Guy

First, thank you to all of those people who participated.  I realised in my writing that it was important to do a survey on wine.  I want more of my writing to not just always be based on the anecdotal only.

I could think of no better topic than sparkling wine to start with a survey.  There were things I wondered about in sparkling wine–what sparkling wine was top of mind, price points people paid, types liked, etc.

Being a wine writer, judge, educator and videographer and also being a paid professional as a wine marketing manager at a multi store chain retailer in the past.  I have had a burning platform to know more about the behaviour of wine consumption which ultimately does inform my writing and video creation.

I like the analytical part of things… wine included.  I have said that wine is the most complex of all…

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