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Liem and Larmat – A Perfect Combination

Just in time for the holidays…this fabulous book …Champagne! Thank you David Crossley for this enlightening review!

David Crossley's Wide World of Wine


Like most people, I imagine, I came to appreciate Champagne first as a celebratory drink. Most often it was the non-vintage wine of a well known Grande Marque, or occasionally a vintage wine, consumed several years too soon. But in the days before autoroutes would take you right through France, Champagne (the region) became a convenient, and frequent overnight stop. As these journey breaks somehow came to encompass an extra day for exploring Reims, Epernay, or the Montagne, I began to appreciate Champagne, the region and her vineyards, and in particular, two things about it.

First, I realised that whilst the Grandes Marques usually blended their wines from multiple sources creating something which claimed the whole to be greater than the sum of its parts, there were hundreds of small producers bottling wine from their own few hectares of vines. Not all were as good as each other, but…

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