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Our House (Taittinger)

Love Taittinger! Thank you David Crossley.

David Crossley's Wide World of Wine

Many of you will know that I have something of a thing for Grower Champagne. It comes from an interest in wines which express “place”, terroir wines, I suppose. But that doesn’t mean I ignore the so-called Grandes Marques. For almost as long as I can remember I’ve had a special relationship with Taittinger, perhaps ever since I visited their impressive chalk cellars in Reims (which, along with Ruinart, are probably the best in the city).

The whole philosophy behind a Grande Marque like Taittinger is that they claim to be able to reproduce wines in the same style every year. This is certainly true of their non-vintage cuvée. Their literature plays down vintage character, and yet Taittinger produces four very fine vintage wines. It’s just that two of them are not labelled as such.

This is because the whole of the marketing at Taittinger is to tell…

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