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Tasting and Drinking Rosé Champagne with Ed McCarthy

More reasons to love Rosé…bubbles! Thank you for these recommendations Charles Scicolone. Happy Holidays!

Charles Scicolone on Wine

Once again this year, “Champagne” Ed McCarthty, author of Champagne for Dummies spoke about his favorite topic Champagne to the Wine Media Guild. The tasting and lunch was held at Il Gattopardo Restaurant in NYC. The Champagne of choice was Rosé, both vintage and non-vintage, and 22 were featured in the tasting.

Ed explained there are two ways to make Rosé Champagne.  For the traditional method, a small amount, about 10 to 15%, of still or regular Pinot Noir is added to the cuvée before the second fermentation.  The other method involves skin contact (maceration). The skins of black grapes are pressed slightly and left in contact with the juice to soak or steep until the desired color is achieved.  This method is more difficult because the same color must be achieved year after year. Even though the second method seems to be the “purer” one, Ed said in blind…

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