It’s Never Too Late…

Tonya’s journey and adventures are amazing. Visit her blog to read about her picturesque family farm, along with fabulous recipes and photographs. We’ll look forward to reading about your WSET Level 3 success soon Tonya!

fourth generation farmgirl

Farmgirl 2017

RdV Vineyards

Delaplane, Virginia

If someone asked me five years ago what I’d be doing today, I really don’t think my answer would have included writing a blog, taking art classes/painting, and pursuing my WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust based in London) Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits.  But, here I am.

Five years ago, I was working in a public school setting, modeling correct production of various speech sounds for adorable kindergarteners, teaching some of the most inspiring nonverbal children sign language, and helping charming second graders construct sentences using prepositions, pronouns, and superlatives.  I was mostly in treatment sessions with students or doing paperwork: completing treatment notes, scoring tests, writing up evaluations, or initiating paperwork for eligibility or IEPs (Individual Education Plans).  I also spent a good deal of time in meetings discussing students’ needs for special education services, progress made in treatment, and the occasional…

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