Washington Bubbles To Start The Celebration!

I totally agree with Larry the Wine Guy. Hats off to Treveri on creating delightful sparkling wines at such a reasonable price. Recently I reviewed Treveri Rosé on bubblybee.net… “A lovely weekend sparkling!  It’s fresh, it’s pink, it’s peachy, it’s fizzy, and it’s only $13.99.  A blend of Syrah and Chardonnay from the Yakima Valley in Washington State.”  http://www.trevericellars.com

Larry The Wine Guy

Bubbles Not Just For Celebrations

I always say that sparkling wines or Champagne are usually thought by most average consumers to be Celebration Wines. I drink them all the time and so should you. They are one of the most food friendly category of wines. They pair with almost everything and almost every cheese as well. Since it is Washington State Wine Month All March and ABC Fine Wine And Spirits The A B C Stands for ALWAYS BE CELEBRATING, I wanted to review for you a Direct To You (Proprietary) Bubbly they carry from the Evergreen State to kick off the Month Of March and hopefully Kick off every month for the rest of your wine drinking lives.

Treveri Cellars

Treveri Grieb FamilyMeet The Grieb Family. The guy in the middle is DA BUBBLES man of Washington State. Juergen Grieb (Owner and Winemaker) was born and raised in Trier, Germany, where…

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