Champagne Taste On A Cremant Budget!

Celebrate the bubbles with Larry The Wine Guy! Crémant has all the fun bubbles of champagne without breaking the bank.

Larry The Wine Guy

I Love Veuve

It’s Popular. It’s on every restaurant wine list. I CAN’T AFFORD IT…. but I can afford this VEUVE… Veuve Ambal one of the prestigious producers in Burgundy, France of Sparkling Wine made in the Method Traditionelle  is not a Champagne but a Cremant De Bourgogne.

What The Heck Is A Cremant

Crémant is a wine word that you see on some sparkling wine labels. … Crémant is a word that describes a certain type of French sparkling wine. Crémant wines are not made all over France but only made in certain officially designated areas.


Cremant-wines-of-France-mapAs you can see by the map, these are the areas in France that make sparkling wines in the same method as Champagne. There is a lot made in Loire valley but my personal favorite is Bourgogne, that uses the grapes that Champagne uses/  The biggest production area is in the Macconais…

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