Cava’s big steps towards the sparkling elite

💖 Cava!


Fine bubbles, subtle yet complex. Toasty notes, rich texture, berry and floral notes and a mineral, almost steely finish.   Vintage champagne?  Close… though actually I’m describing high-end Cava.  Cava?

Yes. For most consumers, the word “cava” usually brings to mind cheap, simple, inoffensive mass-produced sparkling wines from Spain. Millions are sold every year and most of them fit the descriptions above.  However, a handful of quality-driven producers, working with very high standards in the vineyard and in the cellar are in the process of slowly shifting this reputation via exceptional, terroir-driven, world-class wines.  So what makes high-end cava so distinctive?

First of all, it’s the traditional grapes is made from, primarily Xarello complemented by Macabeo (known as Viura in Rioja) and Parellada.  Xarello is grown almost exclusively in Catalonia and when farmed appropriate it expresses terroir and a sense of place. Second, it’s the care and oversight of their vineyards…

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