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The Motherload of Gifts … Part 3

I love the gold and diamond champagne cork necklace…oh la la!


If you haven’t managed to find a gift that inspires you in Part 1 or Part 2, we’re going to have to pull out the big guns … but be warned, you may have to sell an organ.

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The Motherload of Gifts … Part 2

La partie deux! Champagne Gifts recommendations from the Champagne Chick!


If you haven’t managed to find just the right gift in Part 1 … here are some more ideas that might inspire you.

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The Motherload of Gifts … Part 1

If you think these are bubbly good, wait til you see Motherload of Gifts Part 2 and 3! Thank you Champagne Chick!


If you’re not good at gifting and always at a loss as to what to buy, and specifically with Mother’s Day almost upon us, I’ve put together the ultimate list for anyone who has to buy a gift for someone who loves Champagne.  So forget about your fall-back of hand cream, a box of chocolates, or heaven forbid … an electrical appliance. If you wanna score some serious brownie points, have a look below.  

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