Today Is A Caviar And Champagne Kinda Day!

Zen Sauces are the flavor bomb!  Find out more about these fabulous local pepper sauces on the Roanoker Magazine blog. Here’s the link:

Caviar and Champagne…the perfect pairing!

On a trip to Madrid, Spain this summer, we found a gourmet store that was filled with delicacies. My eyes were big as saucers when I saw row after row of unusually large bottles of my favorite beverage – champagne!

This bottle of Taittinger champagne is a Nebuchadnezzar which equals 20 regular bottles of champagne! Nebuchadnezzar is named after the greatest, most powerful of all Babylonian kings, who ruled from the late 7th to the middle 6th century BC. (The bottle next to it is a magnum which equals 2 standard bottles of champagne.)

While shopping in this glorious gourmet store we happened upon a caviar tasting!  The gentleman that was serving the caviar paired it with a lovely Russian vodka and champagne.  The caviar was a delicious surprise!

I was happy to see the pasta displayed behind him…Capriani pasta that we can purchase at Fresh Market – the closest thing to fresh pasta I’ve found in Roanoke.

Caviar served with toast points or blini, pickled onions or capers, crème fraîche, egg yolk and egg white that has been pushed through a sieve. Add lemon wedges for squeezing over top of the caviar once you’ve compiled it on your toast or blini.

Always serve caviar with a non-metal spoon. Metal gives the delicate caviar a metallic taste. A mother-of-pearl spoon is perfect for caviar service (available locally at Provisions/RSVP or on-line).

Photo by Megapixie

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