Bollecine! An evening of wine tasting with three different sparkling wines

Bubbly and food pairings – my favorite pastime. Zucchini Flower Risotto with a reserve Brut champagne – fabulous!


“Bollecine” means “bubbles” in Italian. It’s a word Italians use to talk about sparkling wine, like an English speaker would say “bubbly”, and for my first wine tasting event, I thought a bit of bubbly would only be appropriate. (As I’m based in Italy the event was in Italian).

Most of my guests were not very experienced wine drinkers, so I prepared a small booklet with some information about the wines to read at their own leisure. I was surprised to find that they were actually very curious and full of questions, making the evening all the more engaging. We eat and drink so often that we rarely take the time to think about and reflect on it, but it’s truly magical when you do because everything becomes exalted.

Here’s how the evening went…

Booklets for guests with evening’s menu and information about the wine Booklets for the guests with the evening’s menu and information about the wines

Information about the differences between the Martinotti method and the Champenoise method Information about…

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